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[birt-dev] Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, July 11, 2005

Title: Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, July 11, 2005

BIRT PMC, 10am Pacific, Monday, July 11, 2005
Wenfeng Li - BIRT PMC Lead - Actuate Corporation (
Paul Clenahan - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
Mark Coggins - BIRT PMC - Actuate Corporation (
Scott Rosenbaum - BIRT PMC - Innovent Solutions (
June 27th and July 4th PMC Meetings
There were no PMC meetings for the last two weeks due to vacation schedules.
The BIRT projects has two sessions at EclipseWorld in New York on Aug 29-31. Krishna Venkatraman (Actuate) is planning to do an Introduction to BIRT presentation and Scott Rosenbaum (Innovent Solutions) will do an advanced presentation on BIRT.

BIRT 2.0 Candidate Project Specification Review
To facilitate discussion and feedback on potential BIRT 2.0 features, the project team are going to use the BIRT Wiki that is currently part of the BIRT project pages. The Wiki provides an excellent mechanism for collecting feedback in a way that is easily accessible and visible to the community. BIRT developers will post specs for comment on the Wiki and the community is encouraged to review and provide feedback. At this stage, the BIRT 2.0 projects are "candidate" projects -- as we get further into scoping the work, we will narrow in on a set of projects that we think is achievable in the BIRT 2.0 timeframe. BIRT 2.0 candidate projects can be found on the BIRT Wiki at:

BIRT Development Mailing List
We are getting a number of "How To" type questions on the developer mailing list. We need to let people know that they should post these types of questions on the newsgroup.

BIRT 1.0.1 Support for Eclipse 3.0.1 and Eclipse 3.1
One of the goals for BIRT 1.0.1 is to support the latest releases of the Eclipse "stack", namely Eclipse 3.1 and the latest EMF and GEF. However, since many commercial products are based on Eclipse 3.0.1 with earlier EMF/GEF versions, we also want to make sure that BIRT 1.0.1 continues to support the Eclipse 3.0.1 "stack". This is proving to be challenging due to a change in the latest GEF that is not compatible with earlier GEF versions. We are investigating solutions.

[Aug, 8 - Update at time of distributing Minutes: The project team determined that we can support Eclipse 3.1 only with an older GEF release. We have reported this compatibility issue to the GEF team (see]

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