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RE: [birt-dev] - BIRT Library Feature Spec - Draft 1

Title: [birt-dev] - BIRT Library Feature Spec - Draft 1
Some comments for consideration:
It's not explicit in the document, but can library components be "compound" components? For example, I might create a standard report heading that I want to include in all my reports. This might be a Grid with an image in one cell, text such as company name/address in other cells, a place holder for the report title etc. In my report design, I just want to drag in the whole "Corporate Report Heading" item as one unit. I think this will be a common usage scenario, so it should be explicit in the document.
To confirm, the document indicates that I can override some properties in a library component and other properties would not be affected -- correct? So, using the above example, I could change the report title font in the heading to Italics and all other properties such as color, font size, etc. would still be as defined in the library. This is is a excellent feature -- it might be useful to the readers to include an example to make sure this is clear.
I'm a little concerned that libraries cannot use libraries themselves. I'd be interested to hear other community feedback in this area. One example is where a developer would like to have a a library of base level components that are common to all reports in an organization (that set things like font style and color, maybe some standard business calculations, etc.), and then some more "advanced" components that build on these. The more advanced components would need to use other components from the base level library. The reason that the more advanced components are not in the base library is that they are not needed for all reports. This would be similar to how libraries are used in traditional software development.
Performance -- It is likely that people will build libraries that include a lot of components, but each report will use only a few of these components. In this scenario, we need to ensure that the large library does not slow down the individual report generation time.

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Attached is the first draft of the Library Feature specification, which will be put up on BIRT Wiki very soon. Please review and send us your comments

Rima Kanguri


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