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RE: [birt-dev] How to create a datasource

Hi Yu Li,
Yes, I did that but i dont know why the extension is not found.
I dont know if i need to configure something. I use the runtime libraries.
You can help me ?

I have this class,

SessionHandle session = DesignEngine.newSession(null);
ReportDesignHandle design = session.createDesign();
ElementFactory factory = design.getElementFactory();
OdaDataSourceHandle dataSource = factory.newOdaDataSource("dataSource","");

dataSource .setBeforeOpen("extensionProperties.odaUser = \"\";" +
"extensionProperties.odaPassword = \"\";" +
"extensionProperties.odaURL = \"jdbc:mysql://Andres1:3306/hermes1\";" +
"extensionProperties.odaDriverClass = \"com.mysql.jdbc.Driver\";");

OdaDataSetHandle dataSetHandle = factory.newOdaDataSet("Conexiones");
				"select code, desc from departament");


I run this class when i an exception is throwed.

at at at

Or sometimes when i pass only one parameter in the datasource, the extensionID is not generated.

What can i do, Can you give me an example where you can generate a report using jdbc?


Thanks for your help.

From: "Yu Li" <yli@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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To: "For developers on the BIRT project" <birt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: [birt-dev] How to create a datasource
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 19:14:58 -0700


You need to create an oda-data-source. We have jdbc data source oda extension plugin that you can use.

ElementFactory :: newOdaDataSource("youDataSourceName", "");

Then you will get the OdaSourceHandle and set the properties.



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Subject: [birt-dev] How to create a datasource

Hello, I need your help.
I need to create a datasource using java code but i dont know how to write
the datasource with the properties like driverclass, url,  user, password
and the metadata with a query like "select code, description from conexion".
After the results i´ll show in a table.


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