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[birt-dev] Oracle+BIRT issues

Hi all,


I am trying to create a New Data Set with an Oracle connection. I have a successful Data Sources connection with Oracle. I have a really small table with just a Id, name and departmentId. When I try to build a data set with this table, I am getting the below exception. Can some one throw some light on this? occurred

Error Code:DATA_EXCEPTION_odaconsumer.CannotGetResultSetMetaData

  Error Code:DATA_EXCEPTION_odaconsumer.CannotGetResultSetMetaData

  Error Message:Cannot get the result set metadata.

  A JDBC Exception occured: ORA-01003: no statement parsed


This is the query generated by the BIRT wizard.





 FROM "SRINI"."BIRTTABLE"  ORA-01003: no statement parsed


If I execute the same query from the sql prompt, then the query works fine and displays the result.


Thanks much.


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