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April 26, 2006
02:19 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla#136069 - [Linux]Interactivity-UrlRedirect for Y series error Yulin Wang
02:14 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 138552[SMOKE] -- simple report can not preview. Xuelan Li
02:12 RE: [birt-dev] BIRT Committer Nomination - Xiaoying Gu Wei Yan
02:12 RE: [birt-dev] BIRT Committer Nomination - Xiaoying Gu Sue Lee
02:10 [birt-dev] BIRT Committer Nomination - Xiaoying Gu Sissi Zhu
01:45 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix a problem in which may lead to NPE Lin Zhu
01:31 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Change the behavior of expression transformation so that totals in conditional expression would remain what they used to be. Lin Zhu
April 25, 2006
23:50 [birt-dev] CheckIn: birt.core & report.engine.pdf UnitTest fail. Wei Wang
23:39 [birt-dev] Checkin:When save in the xml source editor, reload the reportdesign in the RCP. Dazhen Gao
20:40 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Merged localized strings(Drop 10) into message files Yasuo Doshiro
19:54 [birt-dev] got NullPointerException Chaohua Wang
19:09 [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla 132942 Create adaptor plugin for Data Engine to support BIRT requests Gary Xue
17:59 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Removed unused file Petter Ivmark
14:18 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Renamed localized message files for CHart plugins. Yasuo Doshiro
13:25 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
09:25 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix a bug which will be trigger off when the ConditionalExpression is found in column binding. Lin Zhu
08:03 [birt-dev] Checkin: support data engine running in console mode Jianqiang Luo
07:38 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 138294 --- If a TemplateReportItem is set to invisible, it should be invisible in HTML output Wei Zhao (Shang)
07:24 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix the viewer compile error Yu Li
06:31 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugs Zhiqiang Qian
06:04 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix Bugzilla Bug 137664 Expect BIRT.core to provide IPlatformConfig for Design Engine to start OSGi platform Wei Wang
05:53 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 136833.Group key is affected by Generate All button in group. Yueqian Wang
05:42 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix Bugzilla Bug 129569 HCG_BIDI: Undesirable order of BiDI chars in Query window Xudong Ma
05:31 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Add resource path to SessionHandle Xiong Zhang
05:25 [birt-dev] CheckIn: -- Move all logic related resource searching to DefaultResourceLocator. Jiaying Liu
05:14 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Add getHandle interface to IParamterDefnBase Wei Yan
04:54 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Bugzilla 136566 --- Value1 and Value2 should be removed from XML Source when operator is True , False , Null or Not Null. on behalf of XinJie He Rick Lu
04:49 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Add org.eclipse.birt.core.script into coreapi.jar Wei Yan
04:29 [birt-dev]revert last CheckIn: Fix bug 136809 -- Support percentage value in master page. Forbid percentage choice when setting height & width for master page. Jiaying Liu
03:52 [birt-dev] CheckIN:Fix bugzilla bug 137178 Reopen the edit of the dataset, the query tab is disappear when the qurey is completely blank Mingxia Wu
03:52 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla 137917 -- ImageHandle adds setFile method. on behalf of HeXinJie Rick Lu
03:35 [birt-dev] CheckIn: 138292 TemplateReportItem should allow UserProperties, fixed bugs in DocumentUtil. Rick Lu
02:56 [birt-dev] Checkin: change temp storage type for chart in ChartReportItemPresentationImpl Zhiqiang Qian
02:24 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix bug 136809 -- Support percentage value in master page. Jiaying Liu
02:13 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Change DtE adaptor codes in engine project. Lin Zhu
01:46 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla#135498 - Exceptions should not use Locale class in chart code Yulin Wang
01:05 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla] 136035: Highlight doesn't work in chart Nina Li
00:57 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix[Bugzilla] 133210:Add Default Comment to Report designs Chao Chen
00:50 [birt-dev] BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20060425) Xiaoying Gu
April 24, 2006
23:43 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug134650:Inconsistent display for Meter chart in HTML and PDF Zhiqiang Qian
23:39 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 135363 -- Support non-english report name in viewer. Xuelan Li
22:51 [birt-dev] New Eclipse BIRT RC1a Build Available for Download Xiaoying Gu
22:48 [birt-dev] Checkin: Change code follows the model API change. Dazhen Gao
22:20 [birt-dev] check-in: fix 132937 Report didn't refresh when the virtual parent was deleted in the included library Yuejie Chen
22:16 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 131672, genReport.bat cannot take more than 9 arguments Wei Wang
21:59 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 134479, Edit in XML Source cannot be reflected in Layout.. Dazhen Gao
21:41 [birt-dev] check in: Bugzilla Bug 129420 Refactor birt web viewer's code structure. Jun Zhai
18:54 [birt-dev] Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, April 24, 2006 Paul Clenahan
13:15 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
06:45 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bugzilla bug 134988 :Available items in Query didn't change when change data source in Edit Data Set Dialog. Mingxia Wu
05:53 [birt-dev] BIRT 2.1 RC1a build status report (20060424) Xiaoying Gu
02:34 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix bug 133994 -- DE Model - Deployment of resource files, BIRT_RESOURCE_PATH. Jiaying Liu
02:01 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Added a specified event for reloadLibrary. Rick Lu
01:21 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix[Bugzilla] 137169:Shoutcut key of Event Handler is collide with Edit of Eclipse Xiong Zhang
April 23, 2006
23:21 [birt-dev] Checkin:fix bug136841:3D chart, set stagger labels for Y axis, labels displayed incorrectly. Zhiqiang Qian
April 22, 2006
00:16 [birt-dev] BIRT 2.1 RC1 is available on the Callisto update site Sue Lee
April 21, 2006
17:37 [birt-dev] Checkin: BIRT Chart - Removed org.eclipse.core.runtime dependency from chart engine code David Michonneau
16:08 [birt-dev] There is any funtion (API) to know how many percent the report is done Chaohua Wang
14:44 RE: [birt-dev] Where to get ViewerServlet source code? Jun Zhai
13:42 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
12:50 [birt-dev] Eclipse BIRT PMC Meeting Minutes - Monday, April 17, 2006 Paul Clenahan
11:48 [birt-dev] A question about ViewerServlet , plesae help Chaohua Wang
11:09 [birt-dev] Where to get ViewerServlet source code? Chaohua Wang
06:50 [birt-dev] CheckIn:[132805] Set descending to outer group will affect inner group. Lin Zhu
06:15 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix a bug introduced during the fixing of bugzilla bug 136259. Lin Zhu
06:14 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bugzilla bug 136939 Bad heading on dialog box Edit Data Source Mingxia Wu
05:46 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Remove the dependency on birt.core in jdbc&sampledb Mingxia Wu
05:46 [birt-dev] CheckIn:[137896]org.eclipse.birt.core unit test failed in daily build 20060421 Lin Zhu
05:41 [birt-dev] BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20060421) Xiaoying Gu
05:26 [birt-dev] check-in:fix 137883 [regression]open the report include script dataset an error thrown out Yuejie Chen
05:16 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla#134455 - Data Format pattern should not be hard coded regardless of the locale Yulin Wang
05:10 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix[Bugzilla]131622: UI - Autotext enhancments - Support Total Page count Xiong Zhang
05:03 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bugzilla bug 137113New Data Set creation sequence in 2.1RC0 not user friendly Mingxia Wu
04:25 [birt-dev] CheckIn: enhancements on AutoText. Rick Lu
04:22 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 136966 When set an alias on a column, the column can not be used in the cascading parameter Xudong Ma
04:16 [birt-dev] Add support method to replace aggregations (Total) to bound row reference expressions( row["XX"]) Lin Zhu
04:06 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla#137671 - Apply a style to chart, font color is not auto, style color can be applied to it. Yulin Wang
03:40 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix 137464: apply a filter on a Join dataset in chart editor's select data page, the data preview part is not refresh Jianqiang Luo
03:15 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 137116 --- row[0] % 2 Equal to 0 no longer works Wei Zhao (Shang)
02:13 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 13166, Can't refresh in outline after save as the design with another name or type. Dazhen Gao
01:23 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Added "dataSetMode" property on CascadingParameterGroup 116960 and provide compatibility for flatfile extensions 137653. Rick Lu
April 20, 2006
23:58 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Clean up Chart UI V1.0 Yulin Wang
23:47 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 136807 --- [Regression]Preview embedded image with web view will effect other way to preview Wei Zhao (Shang)
23:30 [birt-dev] Checkin: resolve image URI relative to BIRT resource folder. Yuejie Chen
22:36 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix 137469: unit test failed in daily build 20060419 Jianqiang Luo
17:22 [birt-dev] Where to get ViewerServlet source code? Chaohua Wang
15:06 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Updated Bundle-Version in NL fragment's MANIFEST.MF Yasuo Doshiro
14:53 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Added property in Yasuo Doshiro
14:21 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
08:57 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix 136838: Can't preview when a grid contain data and chart Jianqiang Luo
08:30 [birt-dev] [137130]CheckIn:Fix bugzilla bug 137130 The cascading parameter does not work when a column name includes double quotation marks Lin Zhu
07:57 [birt-dev] [136259]CheckIn: bugzilla bug 136259 Data binding, modify dataSetRow to row, NPE will thrown out. Lin Zhu
07:54 [birt-dev] Recall: [136259]CheckIn: bugzilla bug 136259 Data binding, modify dataSetRow to row, NPE will thrown out. Lin Zhu
07:48 [birt-dev] [136259]CheckIn: bugzilla bug 136259 Data binding, modify dataSetRow to row, NPE will thrown out. Lin Zhu
07:08 [birt-dev] Checkin: Move DtE-related classes to proper packages Xudong Ma
06:24 [birt-dev] Fix 137149 : Setting an alias on a column belonging to the scripted datasource, an error is thrown out Xiaofeng Zhang
06:06 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix[Bugzilla] 110255:Would like to have visibility attribute for a table rows and columns Xiong Zhang
05:55 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Remove the dependency on birt.core in xml&xml.ui plugin Mingxia Wu
05:45 [birt-dev] Checkin:data set editor UI changes Xudong Ma
05:24 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla] 132537: No ant build script for org.eclipse.birt.chart.tests Nina Li

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