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November 27, 2006
03:16 [birt-dev]Check in: Update the method of getFullQualifiedClassName() Yi Sun
02:14 [birt-dev] 2.1.2 BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20061127) Xiaoying Gu
01:31 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 165757 --- BIRT 2.2.0 runtime had packaging issues Wei Wang
01:20 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugzilla#164924: Allow user pass emitter specific parameters through url Zhiqiang Qian
01:00 [birt-dev] Checkin: code refactors in model plugin Rick Lu
00:24 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix 165619 [head] -- Create a library from template Jiaying Liu
November 26, 2006
22:19 [birt-dev] [Checkin] Fix Bugzilla bug #165873: <@BUILD@>should be instead by <20061124-0710> in General Xiaoying Gu
21:53 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug N/A:Update displayname of the two resource folders Xiong Zhang
November 24, 2006
02:33 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 156160:[Enhancement]Delete button on keyboard doesn't work Xiong Zhang
02:18 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 165129 --- Highlight on table column doesn't take effect on table footer and header[0302] Wei Zhao (Shang)
01:59 [birt-dev] Checkin: Upgrade the version from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2 for branch 2.1.2 Yufei Cheng
01:27 [birt-dev] 2.1.2 BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20061124) Xiaoying Gu
01:08 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 164057 --- AutoText doesn't support scripting and event handler[05] Wei Zhao (Shang)
01:00 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 165276 Error message shows up when preview the report Chao Chen
November 23, 2006
22:55 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 165657 for Branch 2.1.2 and head 2.2.0 Yufei Cheng
22:51 [birt-dev] API change request: Add OSGi Configuration APIs Wei Wang
21:57 [birt-dev] [Update] Remain showstoppers for 2.1.2 build Xiaoying Gu
09:36 [birt-dev] hiding element on some condition pavi
06:12 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 159445 --- BIRT ignores OSGi system properties[both in 2.2.0&2.1.2] Wei Wang
05:38 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug :Modify the different behaviors between CCombo and Combo. Chao Chen
05:27 [birt-dev] Checkin: integrate viewer tests plugin with new test framework Xiang Li
05:21 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Update and under to delete the useless files Tao Chen
05:21 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 165628:[smoke]Parameter can not be edit [0705] Xiong Zhang
05:13 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Integrate DtE smoke test framework into PDE build Tao Chen
04:53 [birt-dev] [Checkin]: Fix Bugzilla bug: #165629: [Smoke][RCP 2.2.0] Can't start Rcp build 200611122 [00] Xiaoying Gu
04:46 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug : CellEditer throws NPE Chao Chen
04:10 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 165603:Height and width input box lost top and bottom border Chao Chen
03:48 [birt-dev]Check in: Fix bug 165614: many case fail to run under JDK 1.4 Yi Sun
03:27 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 156912 Proxy problems with birt-viewer. Yufei Cheng
03:23 [Update][birt-dev] BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20061123) Xiaoying Gu
03:06 [birt-dev] 2.1.2 BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20061123) Xiaoying Gu
02:35 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 165607 : Exception when do some close operation or operate in Property Editor Chao Chen
02:34 [birt-dev] BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20061123) Xiaoying Gu
02:34 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 165601 :[smoke]Fail to new style under theme in library[01] Xiong Zhang
02:17 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla#164451, 161697 - Add data point label support for stock series and default orientation for gannt/stock. Yulin Wang
01:59 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 165609 --- run failed in JDK1.4 Wei Wang
01:59 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 165589 :Map and highlight on data item are exchanged Chao Chen
01:22 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 163904--[Regression]Toc content should consistent with the layout content in PDF[0002] Gang Liu
01:08 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 165613:Border had better follow the top-bottomleftright order as margin/padding[00][03] Xiong Zhang
00:59 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix Bugzilla Bug 165600 [regression] Fail to drag item to outline in library[01] Yuejie Chen
00:40 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix Bugzilla Bug 165594 [Smoke]Can't create a script data set using script data source[0704] Yuejie Chen
00:38 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix bugzilla bug 164770--[Regression]PDF does not display border on group footer properly [0300] Gang Liu
00:05 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 165406:There should be a scroll bar when Property editor window is resized to small Chao Chen
November 22, 2006
22:47 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix Bugzilla Bug 165597, 165587 Yuejie Chen
22:45 [birt-dev] [Update] Remain showstoppers for 2.1.2 build Xiaoying Gu
22:39 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugs 146642 HighlightRule element should reference Style element Rick Lu
04:55 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug N/A:Avoid throwing exception if the fragment folder does not exist. Xiong Zhang
04:26 [birt-dev] [Checkin]: Add to in order to make nl plugins from PDE build Xiaoying Gu
04:16 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 165281 -- "The Page cannot be found "page pops up when preview the report Xuelan Li
04:13 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 164445 [Regression]Required value's parameter has no "*" [0705] Yufei Cheng
03:52 [birt-dev] Checkin bugzilla 164273:Exception is thrown out when export a report to library. Xingjie He
03:36 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Engine part of Bugzilla Bug 165278 Yu Liang
02:54 [birt-dev] BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20061122) Xiaoying Gu
02:30 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 164298:New report template cheat sheet issue[02] Xiong Zhang
02:02 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla] 165115: Exception is not thrown out when use wrong type of data for Scatter Chart Nina Li
01:47 [birt-dev] Checkin: Yuejie Chen
01:44 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 164296:Border had better follow the top-bottomleftright order as margin/padding[00] Xiong Zhang
01:38 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla] 164746: Show Labels does not work for meter chart Nina Li
01:38 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 164767:[regression]It is not synchronize after the key and value on localization in layout[10] Xiong Zhang
01:36 [birt-dev] Checkin: Remove Yuejie Chen
01:33 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 153730 :Masterpage selection of Page break in Master page should be gray Chao Chen
01:12 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 164593:[Regression]Insert a chart from different methods, Undo and Redo menu contents are different.[00] Xiong Zhang
00:51 [birt-dev] Checkin: branch 2.1.2 -- fix bugs 163921 Dynamic data set parameter doesn't work in 2.1.2 Rick Lu
November 21, 2006
23:02 [birt-dev] Check-in: Fix missing Data Explorer view title text Yuejie Chen
22:47 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 160537Need better gridline/scaling options for charts Yueqian Wang
22:37 [birt-dev] Please add plugin Chao Chen
22:09 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 158528: New featureenhance the property editor.(Merge branch B_20061102_New_Property_Editor to the head) Chao Chen
05:57 [birt-dev] Checkin:[2.1.2] Fix Bugzilla Bug 165288 Superabundance select value layout when insert a filter in dataset[07] Xudong Ma
04:59 [birt-dev]Check in: Fix 162835 - There's no META-INF folder under Yi Sun
04:54 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix 164057 [head] -- AutoText doesn't support scripting and event handler. Jiaying Liu
04:54 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 159510 Easy Deployment and Integration Yufei Cheng
04:13 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix 163631 [head] -- Support additional predefined styles. Jiaying Liu
03:44 [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla Bug 164459 Exception is thrown out when delete list group in the old design file [0901] to Head 2.2 Rick Lu
03:39 [birt-dev] BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20061121-2) Xiaoying Gu
03:33 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Update golden files under to fix failed test cases Tao Chen
03:16 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla]165127: [Acceptance] Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest do not work for chart Title Anchor Nina Li
02:59 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 163749 Import BIRT runtime package to wtp will leave old birt files. Yufei Cheng
02:44 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 164767:[regression]It is not synchronize after the key and value on localization in layout[10] Xiong Zhang
02:22 [birt-dev] Checkin: New view structure.(B_20061102_new_properties_editor) Yuejie Chen
02:07 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 163018 -- revise the error handler of extension loading. Xuelan Li
01:34 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 164756 -- add event handle to enable/disable the selection button in export dialog. Xuelan Li
00:52 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix Bugzilla Bug 164586 [compatibility]Preview attached report throws multiple exception[0901] Xudong Ma
00:49 [birt-dev]CheckIn:Modify the framework of to make it runnable in PDE build Tao Chen
00:20 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 157739&157742 --- Show header on first/footer on last in master page doesn't works Wei Wang
November 20, 2006
23:46 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla#164744 - Show Labels does not work properly for gantt chart [0001] Yulin Wang
23:42 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Bugzilla#160889[HEAD] - IReportContext not in BIRT viewer classpath, preventing context access from chart event handler Yulin Wang
23:21 [birt-dev] Checkin: Support data columns access in the hyperlink dialog of chart Nina Li
22:43 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla 165125 & 165139: Chart interactivity issues -- Check in to 2.1.2 branch Nina Li
22:17 RE: [birt-dev] BIRT Committer Nomination - Xiaokun Yi Xiaofeng Zhang
22:12 [birt-dev] Checkin: Update the Bundle version to 2.1.2.qualifier in designer plugins Hongchang Lin
22:10 RE: [birt-dev] BIRT Committer Nomination - Xiaokun Yi Xudong Ma
22:07 RE: [birt-dev] BIRT Committer Nomination - Xiaokun Yi Mingxia Wu
21:53 [birt-dev] Check in test code for model 2.2.0 M2 new feature testing Xiaodan Wang
21:40 [birt-dev] Checkin: integrate performance tests plugin with new tests framework Xiang Li
21:35 [birt-dev] Checkin:Roll back the check-in of fixing Bugzilla bug 165126 Hongchang Lin
21:22 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 164771 in branch 2.1.2 -- update the bundle version in manifest of model and viewer. Xuelan Li
21:14 [birt-dev] BIRT Daily Build Status Report (20061121) Xiaoying Gu
20:35 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 164429 [deploy]Parameter dialog popped up again when click Print as PDF.[0601] Yufei Cheng
05:47 [birt-dev] New Eclipse BIRT Milestone Build Available for Download Xiaoying Gu
05:07 [birt-dev] CVS ( Branch BIRT_2_1_2_Branch ) is closed now! Xiaoying Gu

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