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June 06, 2007
02:47 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190138 :Can't drag data set column to cube dimension Chao Chen
02:03 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugs 189705 Several model enhancement Rick Lu
00:44 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 184157 Cross tab - Expression builder invoked in the data binding context Yuejie Chen
00:08 [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla#190160 (partly) - Problems with efficiency have been detected on BIRT code base. Yulin Wang
June 05, 2007
23:45 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix reopened bug 180537-Add Script Node in Outline Hongchang Lin
23:22 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix bugzilla Bug 191153. [Regression] NPE throws out when preview a crosstab with filter[1102]. Jianchao Li
23:14 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug --- 191001 Table data in xtab column area lost in Web Viewer.[1102] Wei Yan
23:12 [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla#190266 - TVT33:TCT499: ar: Chart labels are wrapping covering chart numbers beneath Yulin Wang
22:53 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix Bugzilla Bug 191064.TVT33:TCT561: da: Checkmark column label not centered in dialog Yueqian Wang
22:40 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 189585 [Linux]Data expression input box cannot show completely. Yuejie Chen
22:32 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 190961:Comment template in property editor contains expired date. Xiong Zhang
22:14 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix bugzilla Bug 190739[regression]Edit dataset from library cannot work properly[01] Mingxia Wu
21:43 [birt-dev]Checkin: Fix bug 190959, NPE throws out when delete dimension[1102]. Dazhen Gao
21:42 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugs 190133 [Automation][Regression] report library predefine style set did not work properly when previe in viewer Rick Lu
09:26 [birt-dev] (no subject) Tobias Sodergren
06:18 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190627 :TVT33TCT557 pt_BR Panel truncated (New Parameter) Chao Chen
05:44 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190958:Meaningless link line if key leve is deleted.[1101] Chao Chen
04:56 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190024 :TVT33TCT486 NL Function buttons too small Chao Chen
04:51 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugs 190513 Null-pointer exception when editing existing property bindings in 2.2RC0 Rick Lu
04:50 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190968 :NPE throws out when edit the the data cute Chao Chen
03:21 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 183888 BIRT designer - Cube in data explorer Yuejie Chen
03:14 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 190551 TVT33:TCT549: ar: 'View Report in Web Browser' is not BIDI enabled Yufei Cheng
03:10 [birt-dev] How to set the number of rows to be displayed in BIRT viewer Vikas Kumar Singh
03:08 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix Bugzilla Bug 190426 COUNTDISTINCT funtion of Aggregation of table will lead the NPE in preview Mingxia Wu
03:06 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 190732 -- NPE when delete two cubes in some reports. Xuelan Li
03:00 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 190772 Add shortcut keys of Data Source Edit Pages of all data sources that don't have mnemonic Xiaoxiao Wu
02:58 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 176977:(2.1.3 Linux)combobox for styles is too short Xiong Zhang
02:46 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 190424 [Regression] Exception is thrown out when preview a data with null expression [0001] Yuejie Chen
02:46 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 190769 --- [Regression]The attached report pop up exception when preview Wei Wang
02:41 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugs 189705 (partly) Several model enhancement. Rick Lu
02:25 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 182069:(2.1.3)Resource and template folder format weren't the same[00] Xiong Zhang
01:50 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 189881:[Accessibility]Some shortcut key in Top menu are missing Xiong Zhang
01:41 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190646:Model need to provide level name info in Dimension Join Condition. Chao Chen
01:28 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190429 :NPE when delete an empty group in cube in attached report Chao Chen
01:27 [birt-dev] 2.2 Daily build status report(20070605) Xiaoying Gu
01:22 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 190554 TVT33:TCT554: DE : BIRT, Default "data item" needs to be externalized Yuejie Chen
01:22 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190545 :TVT33TCT532 NL Title truncated Chao Chen
01:18 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190547:TVT33TCT548 DE BIRT, Truncation on New Highlight dialog Chao Chen
01:13 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix 3 bugs: Short keys for Layout/MasterPage/Script/XML Source/New Preview Prototype clash. Xiong Zhang
00:04 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla bug 190611-New Filter Condition dialog has wrong label Hongchang Lin
June 04, 2007
23:47 [birt-dev] Checkin, Fix 187442 <li> and its content should be in the same line in doc ianl
23:46 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla] 188610, 188846. Heng Li
23:45 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 189876:[Accessibility]Some shortcut key in Hyperlink Options dialog are clash and missing Xiong Zhang
23:43 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla bug 189832-Change xtab binding should process the existed binding.[1102] Hongchang Lin
23:24 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bugs 190123 [regression]Style from library doesn't work in web viewer.[01] Rick Lu
23:21 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla] 190014: TVT33:TCT479: sv: Truncations in dropdown lists Nina Li
23:09 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 187440:New template is not published to template folder [02] Xiong Zhang
22:58 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 182069:Resource and template folder format weren't the same[00] Xiong Zhang
22:42 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 190488:Localzied Import button on Manage Thubmnail dialog is truncated. Xiong Zhang
22:39 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla bug 190727-[regression]Default value issue when switch report parameter from textbox to listbox.[0705]; 190734-[regression]NPE when change parameter type from boolean to string[0705] Hongchang Lin
22:36 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 190725:Property Editor is empty for 'Totals' cells in cross tab. Xiong Zhang
22:28 [birt-dev] CheckIn:Fix 190646 -- add 'level' information in DimensionCondition. Xuelan Li
22:28 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla bug has compile error in dailybuild and rolling build of 20070604 Hongchang Lin
22:24 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla bug 190292-TVT33:TCT512: sv: Missing description text Hongchang Lin
22:21 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla bug 190147-Required JVM versions need to be listed in the manifest of all designer plugins Hongchang Lin
16:23 [birt-dev] CHECKIN: Synchronzied localized message files. Yasuo Doshiro
15:52 [birt-dev] Dynamic Connection Profiles in 2.2M6 Jared Blitzstein
09:00 [birt-dev] Best way to wrap the example BIRT web application Jared Blitzstein
08:45 [birt-dev] Checkin: Tag DTE plugins as v20070604 Lin Zhu
06:16 [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla#190207 - Integrate Aggregation builder with charts Yulin Wang
05:55 [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla#190728 - NPE thrown and can't add or edit column bindings in Chart builder Yulin Wang
05:51 [birt-dev] Checkin:Fix Bugzilla bug [190152] ** 2.1.3 development ** Problems with S20070524 build (Check into 2.1.3 branch) Xiaoying Gu
05:42 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Add tag v20070604 on plugins of engine team Wei Wang
04:39 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 190372 TVT33:TCT530: DE : BIRT, Strings pulled together making no sense Xiaoxiao Wu
03:43 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla Bug 190530 BIRT Report cannot be displayed in Firefox IFRAME. checkin to branch 2.1.3 Yufei Cheng
03:03 [birt-dev] Checkin: 190566 TVT33:TCT542: ja: "expr" in English in Aggregation Builder panel Yuejie Chen
02:31 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 190549 TVT33:TCT551: ES BIRT - CROSS TAB: Some strings are not externalized Yuejie Chen
02:28 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 190274 TVT33:TCT507: ja: "Create Crosstab" in English Yuejie Chen
02:12 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 190218 TVT33:TCT494: NL: English string Yuejie Chen
02:06 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix 190025 TVT33:TCT483: DE : BIRT, Truncation on New Highlight panel Yuejie Chen
01:48 [birt-dev] Please check out stable build <20070601-1658> and response if it can be released as BIRT 2.2.0RC2 Build Xiaoying Gu
01:37 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 190718 --- [Automation][Regression] decimal number was truncated incorrectly Wei Wang
June 03, 2007
23:41 [birt-dev] CheckIn: Fix Bugzilla Bug 190543 TVT33:TCT537: pl: Join Types truncation Xiaoxiao Wu
23:22 [birt-dev] Check In:Bugzilla Bug 190148 html tag <address> is missing when view as pdf Yu Chen
23:19 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 190440 : Dimensions from same column will affact each other.[1101] Xiaofeng Zhang
22:15 [birt-dev] Reminder: Update map files for RC3 Xiaoying Gu
21:22 [birt-dev]CheckIn: Fix the bugzilla bug 190141: Could not view img with height/width in doc Yu Liang
21:19 [birt-dev] Checkin: Tag ui.lib.explorer plugin as v20070604 and update map file Hongchang Lin
June 01, 2007
07:14 [birt-dev] 2.2 Daily build status report(20070601-2) Xiaoying Gu
05:42 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix [Bugzilla] 173044: chart build slow when using remote db Heng Li
05:38 [birt-dev] Checkin: Bugzilla#188283 - Bubbles should be z-sorted by size in Bubble charts Yulin Wang
05:26 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190167 :[Regression]Cube should be able to paste and cut[1101] Chao Chen
05:23 [birt-dev] Checkin: 184568 Insert menu error when switch layout tab[00] Yuejie Chen
05:19 [birt-dev]Checkin:Fix bug 190421, [Regression] Extended library in Ouline is not displayed correctly [00]. Dazhen Gao
05:12 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 189868:[Accessibility]Some shortcut key in Cross Tab Cube Builder dialog are missing Xiong Zhang
05:05 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 189865:[Accessibility]Some shortcut key in Cascading Parameter dialog are clash and missing Xiong Zhang
05:02 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 157555 :No adapter class for Chao Chen
04:59 RE: [birt-dev] 2.2 Daily build status report(20070601) Wei Yan
04:58 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 189863:[Accessibility]Some shortcut key in Parameter dialog are clash and missing Xiong Zhang
04:53 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix Bugzilla bug 189829-Problem with "Select Value" in "Edit Filter Condition" dialog of Crosstab[1102] Hongchang Lin
04:42 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190357 :Preview has mixed English and Arabic numerics displayed Chao Chen
04:06 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 189388:[accessibility]Provide description text for Expression builder button. Xiong Zhang
03:38 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 189390:[accessibility]Description text is incomplete for new items in Palette Xiong Zhang
03:33 [birt-dev] Checkin: Fix bug 189384:[accessibility]Provide description text for button behind preview image Xiong Zhang
03:04 [birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug 190340 :TVT33TCT521 fr Truncation in Properties editor Chao Chen
02:19 [birt-dev] Checkin: Tag latest modified GUI plug-ins as v20070601 and update the map file Hongchang Lin
01:58 [birt-dev] CheckIn bugzilla 188862:Chart (and extended items) requires the ability to define script contents Xingjie He
01:51 [birt-dev] Checkin: tag crosstab.ui as v20070601 Zhiqiang Qian
01:46 [birt-dev] Checkin: Tag org.eclipse.birt.chart.reportitem.ui as v20070601 Yuejie Chen
01:06 [birt-dev] 2.2 Daily build status report(20070601) Xiaoying Gu

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