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[birt-charting-dev] Documentation to develop a Report Item plugin

1/ I have try to develop my own birt plugin for adding a custom report item.
I do the same thing that the rotated Label sample downloaded here :


I would like to add the Binding Tabname in my plugin in order to access data
from a datasource in the method :

public Object onRowSets(IRowSet[] rowSets) throws BirtException

But I didn't know how can I add the binding tabname ?

Anybody can help me ?

I have only one tabname which is Properties

2/ - I suceed to add the binding page property in my report item plugin
- But now I would like to get the data from my dataset

Anybody has already develop a report item plugin ?

I have to do like the chart report item plugin but there is a lot of source file
and I don't know where to look at ...

The only sample I have found is the rotatedText report item sample ... but this
sample has no data binding ...

3/ I have bought the book Integrating and extending birt but there is no more
information for data binding

4/ I have post a message in the birt forum

but I have no answer