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RE: [birt-charting-dev] Does Gantt Chart show the whole tree?

Hi Bruno,

The questions about charting are best answered in the BIRT newsgroups,
the mailing lists being for developer discussions (specifications,
development process, checkins...)

For your specific question, the way it works in BIRT is as follows:

A Gantt chart can have any number of Gantt series and a set of
categories that represent the top-level project or task names. Each
Gantt series represents start date/end date/subtask name for each

Then you can have multiple Gantt series. So for each category (main
task), you can have multiple sub-tasks (each being one series)
starting/ending at different date. Or you can also compare various
measurements of the main task: planned, real progress, remaining... And
use different width to superimpose them, that's how we do the progress

The categories cannot be shown as a tree unfortunately. We will
definitely improve that in the future for all types of charts.



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Subject: [birt-charting-dev] Does Gantt Chart show the whole tree?

I was wondering to know if the Gantt chart in this new 2.2 release will
the whole tree and not just the major "tasks"". Appears something in the
left side like it:

-Task 1
  -- Subtask 1.1
-Task 2
 -- Subtask 2.1
 -- Subtask 2.2

I am asking it because I tried JFreeChart and at the momment it does not
that. I saw the Gantt image at 
looks like the "phase" are the "subtasks" that I told here. Is it? Is it
possible to show the "phases" in a tree mode in that graphic as well?

Thanks in advance.
Bruno Cavaler Ghisi

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