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[birt-charting-dev] New Chart Features in 2.2 M4

Hi All,


Here is the list of new chart features in 2.2 M4 release.


Chart Builder Enhancements (BPS  15)

Show only one Palette in the UI

Re-organized select chart type tab

Area Format and Title Format popup sheet enhancements

Data Preview tab re-layout


Engine Enhancements regarding Axis/Scale features (BPS 17)

Hide data out of scale range

Specify number of steps

Support Step for DateTime Axis

DateTime Scaling support


Eclipse 3.3 support

Added support for Eclipse 3.3/JDK1.5


You can find more details about those new features in the specification on the wiki at http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/BPS


Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.




David Michonneau