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Re: [babel-dev] Babel is now setup for Juno

Thanks for all your hard work, Kit.  Happy new year to you, and to all
the Babel translators and language pack testers out there.


On 01/03/2012 09:05 AM, Kit Lo wrote:
> Happy New Year to everyone! Are you ready for Juno?
> I had some free time last week. I did some maintenance and preparation for
> Juno on the Babel server.
> First of all, Denis and I had a discussion a few months back, thinking that
> translations for Galileo (Eclipse 3.5) and earlier release trains are very
> stable. There are not many new translations specifically for Galileo and
> earlier release trains. Therefore, starting after R0.9.1, we will stop
> building the language packs for Galileo (Eclipse 3.5), Ganymede (Eclipse
> 3.4), and Europa (Eclipse 3.3). We will build language packs for the 3
> latest release trains and drop the oldest one every year.
> In R0.10.0, we will build the language packs for Juno (Eclipse 4.2/3.8),
> Indigo (Eclipse 4.1/3.7), and Helios (Eclipse 3.6). Language packs for
> older release trains are still available at the Eclipse Babel Project
> Archived Downloads page:
> Secondly, I did some preparation for Juno. I started extracting the strings
> for Juno projects into Babel. I tested the Eclipse IDE for Java EE
> Developers package with Babel Pseudo Translation Language Packs for Eclipse
> , Datatools , Marketplace Client , Mylyn , Target Management (RSE) , and
> Webtools installed. I confirmed that the string extraction, existing
> translation sync-up, language pack building processes all working as
> expected. Try the Juno language packs from the latest integration build:
> Other projects in Juno can start defining map files and update sites for
> Juno. We will extract new strings periodically.
> Happy translating and testing Juno!

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