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[babel-dev] Plan for Babel Language Packs R0.9.0

Dear Babelers,

The Eclipse Foundation announced the Eclipse Indigo Release Train on June 22, 2011. In previous releases of Babel, we tried to release the language packs for the release train about 4 to 6 weeks after the announcement in order to give the Babel translators world wide some time to catch up with the translation of the latest strings in the release train. We're in the process of building the release candidates and plan to release the Babel Language Packs R0.9.0 on July 27, 2011.

I started performing some tests of the Babel language packs for Indigo last week and found an issue. In previous release trains, there were always only one release of each project in the release train. However, in Indigo, two releases of the Eclipse project (4.1.0 & 3.7.0) are included. Fortunately, Eclipse 4.1.0 is basically the same as Eclipse 3.7.0 plus a set of plug-ins (org.eclipse.e4.*) for the newly designed workbench. I added Eclipse 4.1.0 to Babel, extracted all Java Resource Bundle files for translation, ran the syncup script to pick up any existing translations. The process was very successful. Seven languages now have 80%+ translations for Eclipse 4.1.0! The Babel language packs for the Eclipse project for Indigo can now be used for both Eclipse 4.1.0 and Eclipse 3.7.0!

The Eclipse project is the base of all projects building on top of Eclipse. We'd like to provide some good quality translations to make Eclipse even more useful world wide in all languages. I appreciate if the Babel translators could focus on translating the Eclipse project, especially the new org.eclipse.e4.* plug-ins in the next few weeks. It'd also be very helpful if others could dowload the latest release candidate language packs and test with them. Please note that, as we all know, Babel translations are contributed by the community. Participation for each language and each project may vary.

Babel Language Pack Zips and Update Sites R0.9.0 RC1 is available here:

Another note I want to add, we noticed that the translations for the Ganymede and Europa releases were very stable. There were not many new translations for the release trains. We decided to remove the translations for the Ganymede and Europa releases from Babel R0.9.0. The latest translations for the Ganymede and Europa releases can still be found in Babel R0.8.1 here:

Thanks, and "Let's Babel"!

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Lead

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