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[babel-dev] About Sequoyah, Localization and Google Summer of Code

Hi all, 

As a Sequoyah component, the Localization Framework is responsible for providing support for any mobile application to be adapted for a specific region or language through the use of a graphical editor. This component is already being used to translate Android applications.

We are proposing a new feature for Sequoyah Localization Framework, the support to PDE projects. In order to do that, the framework must be changed to allow a project to contain a certain localization scope, which in turn, will contain localization files. Example: plug-in scope will contain properties files to be localized; java scope will contain other localization files.

The implementation of the proposed feature is an opportunity to participate in Google Summer of Code. It is also an opportunity to interact with Babel project, once Babel is focused on making it easier to localize Eclipse projects. Besides that, Sequoyah Localization Framework can be customized to fit the needs of any application scope, a Java or mobile application, for instance. 

Please let us know if there is any interest of Babel project in joining this initiative.

Thanks and regards,
Sequoyah Team

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