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[babel-dev] Babel Language Packs - 0.8.0 RC2


During the test of Babel Language Packs - 0.8.0 RC1, I discovered that one important language pack was missing. RC1 did not produce the language pack for Equinox/p2 for the Helios release train, causing all the p2 related strings to be in English (as seen in the attached picture).

I entered and processed the map files for Equinox/p2, and then ran the sync-up script to sync up all existing translations. The I20100809-0400 integration build from this morning now produced the Equinox/p2 language packs for the Helios release train.

Please note that p2 was introduced in Eclipse 3.3. The initial Babel translation repository was based on Eclipse 3.2 translation contributions. Therefore, for some languages you may still see the p2 strings in English unless there are translation contributions for the p2 strings in your language. I confirmed that at least the p2 strings in Japanese are displaying as translated.

I promoted I20100809-0400 integration build to RC2 status. So far, I tested the Babel language packs and the update sites on Windows XP (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Mac OS X 10.4 (Carbon) in Japanese, Traditional Chinese, German, and Italian. Of course they are not all 100% completely translated. But, wherever the strings are translated, the characters are displaying okay. No corrupted characters.

The progress of the test looks very good. If no major problem found again, I think we are on track to declare 0.8.0 language packs on August 15.

You are welcome to test out the RC2 build also:

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Co-lead

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