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Re: [babel-dev] Babel Language Packs 0.8.0 plan

That sounds good, Kit.  Thanks!


On 06/16/2010 01:16 AM, Kit Lo wrote:

Dear Team,

Eclipse Helios is approaching the homestretch to release day next week. The Babel project should plan to take a snapshot of the current translations we have and release a set of language packs soon after that. I'm targeting to have that ready on July 30th, about a month after Eclipse Helios to give the translators in the community some time to translate the latest strings in Eclipse Helios.

In order to achieve that, besides needing the translation contributions from the community, we also have a few issues to look at:
- In the weekly integration builds, the language packs for Helios and Galileo are building fine; however, language packs for Ganymede is empty and Europa is not on the list; Denis, I need your help to investigate to see if there are any problems, thanks!
- We need to produce a few RC builds and perform some smoke tests on the language packs; I plan to take on this task and test the language packs for a few projects on a few different OS platforms in a few different languages; the tests will include testing the downloadable language pack zips and the Babel Language Pack Update Sites

If anyone can think of anything to add, please feel free to chime in.

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Co-lead

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