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Re: [babel-dev] Linux Tools pseudo translations not available

On 05/31/2010 12:33 PM, Denis Roy wrote:
On 05/31/2010 10:08 AM, Andrew Overholt wrote:
* Andrew Overholt<overholt@xxxxxxxxxx>  [2010-05-28 09:37]:
This should be the ViewVC equivalent -- try plugging this in to see if
it works:
Thanks, I've done so.
I still don't see any Linux Tools (technology.linux-distros) downloads

Did I mis-type the ViewVC .map URL?

I think the maps file processor isn't completing, since your project doesn't even appear in the list of translatable projects. I'm running it now to see where it dies.

As I suspected, the maps processor has completed and your project is now available for download. This means your pseudo-translations will be included in tonight's nightly build.


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