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[babel-dev] Babel language packs for Helios

As posted to the cross-project mailing list:

The Babel team will begin producing language packs for the Helios train shortly.  As you may remember, you need to tell us where your map files (or update sites) can be found so that we can import your English .properties files.

This year, we're making it easy.  All you need to do is CUT/PASTE your HEAD-stream map files from Galileo into the current version for Helios.  You don't need to update your Galileo map files to reference a specific tag.

If you need any assistance doing this, please ask on the babel-dev mailing list.

This week, the Babel team will:
- launch the import job for the English .properties files for Helios
- we'll import Galileo translations into Helios
- start producing nightly builds for Helios



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