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Re: [babel-dev] How to use PTT

Hi Daniel,

I saw your bug requesting to add Sequoyah project to Babel. Babel has a data bridge setup to pull the project/version info from this URL:

I don't see Sequoyah in the project/version info. That's why you don't see the project on the map files page dropdown list. Denis, who is also the Eclipse Web Master, may have some ideas. Denis, can you take a look at this?

Once we solved the above problem, you will be able to define the map files for the Sequoyah project. Then, Babel will extract the properties files and build the pseudo translation language packs. After that, you can either get the pseudo translation language packs from the Babel update site or from downloadable zips. You can then test your project. We can help if you have further questions when you get to that point.

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Co-lead

From: Daniel Pastore <kpqb38@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: babel-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 02/10/2010 02:39 PM
Subject: [babel-dev] How to use PTT
Sent by: babel-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi guys,

I would like to test my project (DSDP-Sequoyah) to see if it is compliant to be translated but I don't know how to use PTT (or even where to download it).
I saw this message (, but I don't know how to use the package.

Can anyone give me some guidance, please?

Thanks for the attention,

Daniel Pastore

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