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[babel-dev] Can a tool co-exist at Sourceforge and Eclipse?

From our last call:

Translation assistance tools
  • Mori-san: A set of translation assistance tools version 1.0 is available on SourceForge. JP as a name of "Benten" project. By the way, almost all source codes are written in EPL, and we intend to donate them to Babel. But we have recognized a few license issues for the donation. I would like to discuss this point.
  • Can the tool co-exist in both SourceForge and Eclipse Foundation? Anyone knows how to proceed?

I spoke to Eclipse Legal and the short answer is: yes, the tool can co-exist at SourceForge and Eclipse.

However, if the code will be maintained at SourceForge, every time we will want to pull a new revision from the SourgeForge repository, we will need to file a CQ and involve the IP team.  The IP team will also need to determine the code provenance each time.  If the code's provenance and history is unavailable or ambiguous, this will not work.

The best solution would be to create a new component in the Babel project, accept the Tool as an initial code contribution, and accept new JWG developers as initial committers.  After that, the JWG committers can commit their code to the Eclipse repository directly, and there would be no need to maintain two copies of the tool.


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