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Re: [babel-dev] Localization Changes between Eclipse 3.4 and Eclipse Releases

Hi Jeff,

1. Technically, we should not introduce any new UI in maintenance releases. However, there are always a few for critical bug fixes and some that fall through the cracks. But, should not be many.
2. That depends on how you build your NL plugin fragments. We usually specify a fragment host tolerance range of "[3.4.0,3.5.0)" in the fragment's manifest file. Here is an example.
Fragment-Host: org.eclipse.ui.workbench;bundle-version="[3.4.0,3.5.0)"

The range means the fragment will work for release 3.4.0 inclusively, upto and below 3.5.0. In other words, the fragment should work for any maintenance releases for the release.

However, because of a design issue in Babel (bug 238587), we are not specifying any fragment host tolerance range right now.

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Co-lead

Jeff Rueppel <jrueppel@xxxxxxxxx>
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06/15/2009 05:02 PM

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[babel-dev] Localization Changes between Eclipse 3.4 and Eclipse        Releases

Hi Babel Dev list,

1. Does anyone know if there are localization differences between the 3.4 release of Eclipse and the 3.4.2 release?
2. Does anyone know of any functional issues with dropping the 3.4 language packs into the 3.4.2 release?

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