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[auto-iwg] Fwd: Papyrus Industrial Consortium f2f meeting at EclipseCon France


Ralph Mueller
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Betreff: Papyrus Industrial Consortium f2f meeting at EclipseCon France
Datum: 19. Mai 2015 00:46:23 MESZ
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To all,

I want to confirm the Papyrus Industrial Consortium f2f meeting at EclipseCon in Toulouse on June 22nd as part of the Unconference.

    • Monday June 22nd, 09h00 to 17h00 
Who should participate in the meeting
    • End-user companies interested in the development of an industrial-strength open source modeling tool/platform based on Papyrus
    • Suppliers developing (or interested in developing) commercial solutions based on Papyrus
    • Research groups interested in using Papyrus as a modeling tool/platform
Meeting objectives
    • Introduction to Consortium proposal and plan -- For new companies
    • Update on current status and plan for Papyrus and open source modeling
    • Review of draft consortium charter/agreement
    • Agree on all key points of the consortium charter/agreement
    • Agree on plan for the remaining of 2015 -- the goal is to officially start the consortium activities during 2016Q1

We will send a meeting agenda and a draft charter/agreement to be discussed at the meeting at the beginning of June.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend the meeting. Also, let us know if there are other people/companies that you think could be interested in participating to the meeting and I will send them a meeting invite. 

Hoping to see you in Toulouse for the meeting.


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