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[auto-iwg] Workshop of interest to automotive application developers PLCS/OSLC Workshop Oct 13th Paris

A workshop is planned for Oct 13th prior to PDT Europe
"PLCS meets OSLC"

to explore how standard product and system web services can be enhanced to meet industry need

we plan to discuss what kind of collaboration could help the industry communities
based upon the experience of using OSLC and PLCS to date and what could be the path ahead
one example is how the eclipse Lyo project can support such collaboration

Look half way down the page for

"Pre conference workshop, October 13, 2014 at Microsoft, Issy les Moulineaux, Paris

PLCS/OSLC Workshop"

If you cant attend you may want to send some input on usage or need to the organisers

Gray Bachelor of IBM or Rob Boddington of Eurostep

Best regards

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Systems and Industrial solutions, Rational HQ Devt org, IBM SWG
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