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Re: [auto-iwg] Eclipse Auto IWG Face to Face Meeting. Ludwigsburg


Thanks a lot for the update. I read telcos are earlier in the day, 13:00 I saw in the mailing archives, is that correct or does it change? As I work in a project of a PolarSys member company there is naturally a somewhat sensitive environment and I can't say if either Skype or a desk phone in the office (even if there is a toll free German number) would work to join a telco before 6pm. I attend Eclipse STEM telco (a project within the Science IWG, but there most projects have their own individual forms of communication) every week at 6 after work, but during working days it may not be so easy.

I asked about the "closed doors" only if it was restricted to EclipseCon pass holders, but if that's not the case, I am happy to join the F2F as early as I can on the 28th.
I saw the schedule has PolarSys items which given I help a company that's involved might be of interest and make it easier for me to attend, especially for that part of the meeting.


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