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[auto-iwg] Fwd: [lts-iwg] Proposal to introduce two support levels at LTS


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Von: Jochen Krause <jkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Datum: 30. April 2013 10:17:39 MESZ
An: Long-Term Support IWG <lts-iwg@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Kopie: Long Term Support steering committee <lts-sc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Betreff: [lts-iwg] Proposal to introduce two support levels at LTS
Antwort an: Long-Term Support IWG <lts-iwg@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear LTS community,

Attached is a proposal for organizing support at LTS in two different "support levels". The goal behind this proposal is to make it easy to provide support for older Eclipse releases and projects that are not currently building with CBI. Right now LTS enables support for the Eclipse 4.2.2 platform and about 50% of the Kepler release train projects. With the introduction of "Project Support" we would enable LTS support for other Eclipse versions / all projects without having to move the particular version to CBI first.

We have discussed this proposal at the LTS steering committee and would like to gather feedback from the broader community before moving forward.

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