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[auto-iwg] An update on iCTeam, the OSEE based Automotive ALM solution

Dear AUTO IWG members,
iCTeam, the ALM solution based on OSEE has some interesting additions and has matured as a platform for automotive software development.
Product management is enhanced with Feature modeling to provide complete support for Variant management.
Release management of product lines and products is better managed.
A graphical dependency viewer of SW components is included.
Powered by RAP and Tabris,  iCTeam will now be able to serve web clients and hand-held device clients.
As per ISO 26262 classification, iCTeam has the required Tool Confidence Level for development of safety related software of upto ASIL-D.
Support to share requirements and test cases across OEMs and suppliers based on ASAM standards are being included.
Complete lifecycle support for developing AUTOSAR compliant software are planned.
I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend the ALM Connect session at the EclipseCon 2013 next month.
Along with the OSEE project leader, we plan to share details of how this ALM supports software development in Aerospace and Automotive industries.
Best Regards,
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd
RBEI/EMT - Engineering Services - Methods and Tools
From: Jyothi G S (RBEI/EMT)
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 10:34 AM
To: Automotive Industry Working Group
Subject: RE: An update on OSEE, the Eclipse-based ALM solution
Dear AUTO IWG members,
The Eclipse-based ALM solution OSEE has some interesting enhancements added over the last few months !
OSLC Specification based tool interfaces :    OSLC Connector for DOORS
     Using this connector, DOORS requirement links can be created in OSEE and the same can be linked  to other OSEE artifacts and workflows
     thereby providing RDCT traceability. The implementation is based on OSLC specification. ( compatible with DOORS 9.4  DWA 1.5)
OSEE is well on its way to being Web-enabled !
    The OSEE server is being enhanced to serve web based clients.
    REST based protocols & the Vaadin framework are employed to web-enable OSEE. 
Alignment with the AUTO IWG  WP1 : Eclipse Automotive Tool Platform
       The OSEE  version ( 0.10.3) scheduled for release this week is compatible with eclipse Juno version.
     This is in line with the Auto IWG WP1 : Eclipse Automotive Tool Platform.
Project Management Modules
    Reports like Burn Down charts to track progress of projects, Distribution charts (workflows based on components) and
     Efficiency charts (between teams) are included.
iCTeam enhancements for Automotive Embedded Software development
       In the meantime, iCTeam  ( the OSEE based Automotive ALM solution from Bosch India ) also has some interesting enhancements !
       Tooling support  for Automotive ECU software development  in the areas of  Matlab-Simulink traceability, Continuous integration,
       development of AUTOSAR conformant ECU software, Calibration data management, Collaboration features for virtual teams,
       data exchange based on ReqIF standard…… are included.
Do visit the Bosch Stall at the EclipseCon Europe 2012  in Ludwigsburg for a demonstration !
Best Regards,
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd
RBEI/EMT - Engineering Services - Methods and Tools

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