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[auto-iwg] EclipseCon Automotive Industry Working Group meeting

Hi all,

Please be aware that I'm new to the mailing list so I am not
up-to-date on the current state of your efforts; my apologies
if this post is a little off topic.

I work on the CDT Debug component and was told last year that the
Automotive workgroup may be interested in Visualization tools.

Recently, Bill Swanson and I worked on the CDT Multicore Visualizer,
which will be available in CDT in the coming Juno release.
Please see below screenshot or more details at:

I will be attending the Automotive workgroup EclipseCon meeting to
familiarize myself with your work, and I was wondering if the
Multicore Visualizer is something that you want to find out about?


Marc Khouzam
CDT Debug (DSF-GDB) Lead

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