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Re: [auto-iwg] Antwort: Re: Proposal to be discussed in Automotive IWG

Dear Stefan,


We are always happy to help, and the Eclipse Foundation has quite a bit of expertise in the IP area. The scenario you describe sounds like it should work. I am sure there will be more details to discuss as the project proposal moves forward.




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Dear Mike,
yes, it is always difficult to be clean with the wording. Although the EAST-ADL meta-model has relationships to the AUTOSAR meta-model we have to ensure in EATOP not to work on and with any AUTOSAR artefacts. The AUTOSAR artefacts have still to be implemented in ARTOP (

For EAST-ADL the IP is at the EAST-ADL association ( Some of the initiators of EATOP are board members of the EAST-ADL association. We will provide the necessary IP right information.

As I'm not experienced in the running of Eclipse projects, the IP topic is one of my uncertainties. We will clearly need your support in this question.

Mit den besten Grüßen / Best regards,
Stefan Voget
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It is great to see a new project proposal under the auspices of the Auto IWG!

One topic that will need to be considered is the IP rules around the AutoSAR meta-model you reference. I recall from conversations years ago that AutoSAR has certain IP rules which can make open source usage difficult.

I am not saying that this is a problem in this case. I'm just pointing out that it is something which must be considered.

Mike Milinkovich

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