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Re: [auto-iwg] FYI: Eclipse IDE for Automotive Software Developers

Dear Andreas,
Yes, we could join via Webex and make a presentation on our enhancements on OSEE. Thanks for including this in the agenda.
Our scope is to have a standard Automotive platform for an ALM solution, which is beyond an IDE.
Our need is to cover the complete SDLC - starting from Requirements, Design & Development, Build and all the way to Testing.
We are giving equal importance to all the phases.
In our concept, Artop/Sphinx ( in their current status)  fits into the Application-Development module of OSEE.
Regarding support for OSEE : I believe if we go ahead with this vision, the community will automatically pickup and we will see more activities and contributors.
                                            There are already plans to make the platform web-enabled & cloud-enabled.
The advantage here is that we have a ready working base in OSEE with a good Workflow, SCM, REQM modules...... as compared to starting from scratch.
We can now focus on strengthening the development phase or any other phase that will specifically help Automotive embedded software development.
Best Regards,

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Dear Jyothi,

could you introduce your activities during the next meeting (via WebEx). I think it would be especially interesting to see how your tool works with standard Eclipse projects like EMF and Artop, since the original architecture of OSEE ( has a persistence layer of its own.

Another question to address early is support. In my experience, the support for OSEE questions is slow (see replies on the forum). A platform for automotive needs to be based on well-supported technologies.

Best Regards,


Am 30.01.2012 16:32, schrieb Jyothi G S (RBEI/EMT):
Dear all, 
This is an excellent proposal, a long felt need in the Automotive industry. We welcomJe this idea !
At Bosch in India, we are working on a similar project using the OSEE project ( ( as a platform.
This is an advanced proposal because we have a strong workflow, an SCM, REQM, project management and reporting modules already available,
ready to use from day One !     And this is more than an IDE, it is a complete Application Life Cycle management tool.
With minimum or no configuration, one can start using this ALM tool right away for simple automotive software projects.
In the last few months, we have been enhancing the OSEE platform in co-ordination with the OSEE project leader from Boeing.
We are enhancing features like traceability, dependency analysis, version management, checklist driven reviews…...etc.
We will be more than happy to provide an enhanced version of OSEE as a starting base for this new "Eclipse IDE for Automotive Developers".
With contributions from the Auto IWG group and the general Eclipse community, we could develop this into a full-fledged
standard platform for Automotive software developers.
There are plans to cloud-enable the OSEE platform. We are also working on including a Model-based framework into the Application-Development
module of OSEE that can be used for domain-model driven ECU software development.
With your suggestions and inputs, we could prioritise on the basic features required to make this a standard platform for automotive software development.
We invite your comments & feedback.
Best Regards,
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd
RBEI/EMT - Engineering Services - Methods and Tools
Tel. +91 80 6657 4102
Mobile +91 98800 07339
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To: Automotive Industry Working Group
Subject: [auto-iwg] FYI: Eclipse IDE for Automotive Software Developers
Regards / Liebe Grüsse, 
Ralph Mueller
Director, Eclipse Foundation
Mobile: +49 177 449 0460
Office: +49 6251 789545
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