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[auto-iwg] FW: [mpwg] Modeling meeting at EclipseCon Europe

Following the many responses we got for a modeling open source ecosystem meeting, I was able to find a room during the day (a BOF starting at 21:30 on Wed. didn't seem very productive).
The conference room "Herzog Eberhard Ludwig" at the Nestor Hotel is reserve on Wed. Nov. 2 from 9h00 to 12h00.
With such a short notice we do not expect people to have polish slides, in fact slides are not a pre-requisite.
If we can have many end-user companies talking about their needs and what they see missing in open source modeling, this alone should be a productive meeting.
Please add yourself as an attendee/presenter under the item of your choice on the wiki (see below link) or send me an e-mail and I will put you in the schedule.
9h00 - 12h00, Wednesday November 2, 2011
Conference room Herzog Eberhard Ludwig at the Nestor Hotel, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Agenda Items
Eclipse Modeling Missing Pieces for End-User Companies
  • End-user companies to give a summary of what is missing in Eclipse open source modeling, e.g. feature, support, documentation, migration, training, etc., what is their current initiatives if applicable.

Possible Synergies Between Eclipse Working Group

Implementer Companies

  • What is the view of implementer companies, their core expertise, what implementation can have a big impact on open source modeling next year, low hanging fruit, what is their current initiatives, etc.

End-User Companies Business Case Brainstorming

  • Review first version of Modeling slides for end user companies
  • Identify additional benefits for end user companies in order to facilitate budget approval

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To: Ralph Mueller; mpwg@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [mpwg] Modeling meeting at EclipseCon Europe

Last year face to face modeling meeting in Ludwigsburg was good to spark a few improvements in the modeling area.
With a new working group with a big focus on modeling and other initiatives, it would be good to plan a modeling meeting at EclispeCon Europe.
The goal of the meeting would be to discuss the various interest areas of both implementers, end users, see what people will be working on next year, identify some synergies, speed up work and hopefully create a momentum to increase Eclipse modeling contribution.
Ralph, can you reserve a room Tue. Nov 1 afternoon or Wed. Nov. 2 morning?
Best Regards,
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