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Re: [auto-iwg] FP7 ICT Project proposal on Certification Infrastructure for safety-critical systems

Dear Mr. Espinoza,

we will have another group meeting soon and I'd expect a lot of interest about your activity. It would be great if you would be available for a telco session (date to be fixed) or could provide some material to be shown at the next meeting.

Best Regards,

Andreas Graf

Am 08.10.2010 11:07, schrieb Huascar Espinoza:
Dear all,
I had a look at the last meeting of the Eclipse Automotive WG and realized that there is some interested parties on "ISO 26262 audit support".
This can means many things, but I'd like to let you know that we (TECNALIA/Software Engineering Institute, Spain) are starting to organize a project proposal to be submitted to the FP7 ICT call (deadline January 18) on this topic.
It's not exclusively related to ISO 26262. The general goal is:
"This project proposal aims at increasing the reliability and level of automation in the certification of safety-critical software, focusing on more incremental certification approaches. The main goal is to develop an (Eclipse-based) infrastructure to assist safety-critical software development in a way that the product and supporting artefacts are certified at any time."
We are looking for industrial or tool vendors partners from the automotive industry. For more details, please send me an email.
Huascar Espinoza, Ph.D.
Project Leader
TECNALIA European Software Institute
Parque Tecnológico, Edificio 204. E-48170 Zamudio (Bizkaia) (SPAIN)
Tel: (+34)94.420 9519. Fax: (+34).94.420.9420

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