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[auto-iwg] Traceability

Dear all,

as an action from our meeting, here is the description of "traceability" as addressed by the Eclipse Modeling Platform Working Group. Note that this basically fits
to a solution that we are currently developing as part of a research project and will be releasing as open source:

5. Traceability to identify connection between model elements.
5.1 The MP must support the ability to create relationships between models and model
artifacts that are independent of the meta-model. Tools must be able to show these
relationships and provide a level a traceability between the model elements.
5.2 Artifact authors should be able to specify the relationships a high level and then elaborate
in more detail and provide traceability a different levels of the model hierarchy.
5.3 The MP must support the traceability between non-modelled artifacts and various types of
models and elements/parts of models.
Use Case
For example, requirements might not be modelled but we still need to be able to trace from
them to various types of models and elements/parts of models.
An example can be to trace from a requirement to models/model elements where the
requirement is designed and implemented and to models where it is verified.
And vice versa from design,

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