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[auto-iwg] Get lean with OSEE on Eclipse Summit Europe 2009

Dear group,

since OSEE has been of interest for this group, I would like to inform you about a talk about OSEE on the eclipse summit Europe on 28th of October:

Every large program that develops systems and software is currently required to assemble a wide array of software products to provide piecemeal capabilities necessary for completing different stages of the engineering lifecycle. The resulting tools are often disconnected and use an overwhelming array of disjointed user interfaces to access partially redundant data. That is, the system has a lot of "waste" and is no more lean.

OSEE <> or Open System Engineering Environment <> is a tightly integrated environment designed and developed by Boeing to support lean engineering principles across a product's full life-cycle in the context of an overall systems engineering approach. At its core, OSEE is an extensible application framework which provides a powerful persistence layer, allowing applications to utilize a common user-defined data model. Build on top of this is a wide range of tools for configuration management, requirements management, testing, validation, and project management.

This talk is based on an independent evaluation done for OSEE. The talk gives an introduction to OSEE, followed by a demo of its key features.

Best Regards,


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