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RE: [atf-dev] javascript validator slowness

You wrote:
>I have a javascript file that the validator does not like. To
>spite me it makes editing excruciatingly slow.  Is there a way to
>tell it to stop, give up, you will not be able to validate this file?
IMHO WTP validation is subpar speed wise in general.
And ATF uses the WTP validation framework. :-\

Yet you can disable it either globally in the prefs, or for a project in
the project properties.
You can also always "kill" a currently running validation in the
progress view.
I typically use the global validation prefs such that it is set to be
only manual  (ie not triggered by a build) and invoke it manually now
and then.
I did also define a keybing of rth validate command in the prefs
(Uncategorized ?validate ) to make that process less of a PITA.

If you have some ideas to make it work better and faster in general that
would be nice.
May be something like incremental validation would help quite a bit!


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