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[atf-dev] Re: Positioning javascript editor

On 8/28/06, John J. Barton wrote:
   1) Why MultiPageEditorPart?  Just when I thought eclipse could not get
more complex....

IIRC, the JSEditor has tabs to allow for things like a preview pane (hidden by default?), though I've pointed out in bug #115380 that it really doesn't make much sense to preview an individual .js file out of context by sticking it in a HTML <SCRIPT>...</SCRIPT> and the extra tab panel is instantiating a browser (very expensive) whether you use it or not.

   2) How can I get the JSEditor from the JSMultiPageEditorPart?   I think
I can position the JSEditor to a line, but the accessors in
JSMultiPageEditorPart are protected so they must not be the right way to go.

Glad you found the answer to that one.

I'm sure ATF solves this somehow...

This is actually more of a WTP thing than an ATF thing.


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