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Re: [atf-dev] Positioning javascript editor

Nevermind...found the answer to #2:
ITextEditor funky = (ITextEditor) editorPart.getAdapter(ITextEditor.class);
So I guess the idea is that if you can't find something you want in the API, start reading all of the getAdapter() implementations until you find something there.

At 06:24 PM 8/27/2006, you wrote:
I am writing a plugin that wants to position the cursor on a line in a file.  For HTML it works fine. For _javascript_ it fails.  The _javascript_ editor is a JSMultiPageEditorPart wrapping a JSEditor (I think).  I hope someone here understands enough to help me with two puzzles:
  1) Why MultiPageEditorPart?  Just when I thought eclipse could not get more complex....
  2) How can I get the JSEditor from the JSMultiPageEditorPart?   I think I can position the JSEditor to a line, but the accessors in JSMultiPageEditorPart are protected so they must not be the right way to go.
I'm sure ATF solves this somehow...

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