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[atf-dev] Javascript syntax highlights, HTML editor etc: how to get them back?

Uh oh.  This shouldn't happen, but there's still a lot about the editors and the validation framework I don't understand.  I switch back and forth between Java and ATF all the time.  Did you do any installs or anything unusual?  Are you sure you still have the WTP _javascript_ and HTML editors?

Are you not getting the squigglies (under the text), or the markers (left margin, problem view) or both?  Is there anything going on in the logs or Error Log view that might indicate a problem?


>I have ATF loaded but I worked on some java code for a bit, then started
>again with _javascript_.
>The binding of .js and .htm to syntax highlighting editors is gone now. Any
>ideas on how to
>get them back?

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