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Re: [atf-dev] New Committer Nomination


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"Gino Bustelo" <lbustelo@xxxxxxxxx>
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07/18/2006 03:29 PM

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[atf-dev] New Committer Nomination

I would like to nominate Robert Goodman as a committer to the ATF project. He has worked and/or submitted code for the following bugs.

148438  nor  P3  PC  
atf.mozide-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx    Toggle breakpoint not working correctly
148697  nor  P3  PC  
atf.mozide-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx   Enabling/Disenabling breakpoint doesn't work corectly  
149357  nor  P3  PC  
goodmanr@xxxxxxxxxx  Debugger doesn't always stop on breakpoints or debugger k...  
149695  nor  P3  PC  
goodmanr@xxxxxxxxxx ATF doesn't build against 3.2  
149875  nor  P3  PC  
goodmanr@xxxxxxxxxx  Activate and fix suspend at start  
149877  nor  P3  PC  
goodmanr@xxxxxxxxxx Build preference page for stop/suspend options    
149879  nor  P3  PC  
goodmanr@xxxxxxxxxx Initial state of suspend/stop option buttons is not correct  
149937  nor  P3  PC  
atf.mozide-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx   XPCOMException when terminating an app when stopped on an...  

He also pulled together a roadmap map with milestones and other possible enhancements and organized the latest build which supports Eclipse 3.2 and WTP 1.5.

Leugim A. Bustelo (GINO)
Software Engineer - Web Technologies
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