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[atf-dev] Re: Mozilla Perspective needs Problems


We welcome your constructive criticism, but I think some of what you're seeing is standard Eclipse, such as the fact that our browser, a standard "editor", is just another tab on your screen, and if you have too many, they may be hard to manage. (if I understood your description correctly) Perhaps you're saying you'd prefer a pop-up window for a browser?  It's something we've considered, but it's a practice very much frowned upon in Eclipse UI land, and frankly I don't even know how to implement it in the SWT.

As for the install, perhaps you can qualify what you mean by "the entire Internet"?  Are you complaining about the fact that you have to be connected when doing an install?  (Some have run into this unexpectedly and we should have documented it better?) Or are there just glitches in the install itself? (We've experienced these also)  We would of course like to make the install more seamless.  As for GEF, EMF, etc., these are prereqs of WTP, the project we base ourselves on, and are fairly standard Eclipse components.  Orthogonal to AJAX, yes.  It's an implementation "detail".  I too appreciate that it seems a bit heavy. 

Red error markers in the editor are handled pretty much in the standard Eclipse way.  We thought it made sense to leverage existing mechanisms and UI paradigms rather than create new ones.  This is a good thing for some users.

For the error you're seeing with the empty editor and the MozillaCloseListener thing, did you follow the instructions and do an "eclipse -clean"?  (Yes, we too wish this were not necessary... and I hope it's not someday)

Anyhow, if there are specific things you can suggest, we'd be happy to consider them.

Adam Peller
IBM Emerging Internet Technologies

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