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Re: [atf-dev] Bug: Mozilla pane comes up offscreen

Hmm... Good point :) All I really care about is getting at the mozilla xul stuff. Am still using JSEclipse as a syntax editor for now. (but even they seem to be releasing less often these days..)

On 6/29/06, John J. Barton <johnjbarton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes, that is what got me interested as well, but EDO, GEF JEF, blah blah,
that stuff is all great for some people but orthogonal to ajax. A simple js
development extension to core eclipse that could be later added to the
other goop would be much more effective in my opinion.

At 04:40 PM 6/29/2006, you wrote:
>I'll be making use of it extensively once a couple minor things are
>figured out. The xpcom work is definitely very much appreciated by some of
>the ajax dev community...
>On 6/29/06, John J. Barton
><<mailto:johnjbarton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> johnjbarton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Thanks Javier; after a rest I tried again an loaded the remaining pre-reqs
>>for this beast, finally succeeding.  My bet is that 99.9% of ajax
>>developers will never make use ATF as long as it pre-reqs the entire
>>Here a bug report: Mozilla Perspective -> Mozilla button (a blue thing with
>>an M) -> <http://localhost:8080> http://localhost:8080 ...creates a new
>>pane, but user don't
>>realize it: its on the list of stuff that eclipse cannot show in the tabs
>>of editors.
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