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[atf-dev] looks exciting so far

What you guys are doing in here is very much appreciated (by myself at least), looks great so far. I had a few questions:

-) Noticed that running an html file as a "mozilla" app or even trying to create a new run config as a mozilla app was causing numerous issues if I don't have my directory layout structured exactly as it wants. (presumably webContent or other ?)

I have no idea if the mozilla app type will even be something I should be using, but after having done some recent research into java XPCOM (can only assume you guys did this wrapper as well?) I was beginning to wonder if you hadn't solved the problem of in-browser unit tests without the browser already ?

That seems like the largest barrier to having what would be considered a "pretty complete" set of testing abilities...You still can't test that visually things appear exactly(or relatively) here and here on an html page (or maybe you can? cringe...) but you can at least have all of your normal window/ events happening...Is this a pipe dream?

-) Looks like there is starting to be a lot of great support for doing various things in here, without anyone having to type too much or try to make it too "official" is there a rough idea of what kind of capabilities might be expected to come out of the project? (or...rtfm may be the answer if it was already outlined in the eclipse proposal...ui'll try that next.)

I have a project dojo / custom js package layout looking something like this:

Is there anything I would find beneficial here for this purpose?

Jesse Kuhnert
Tacos/Tapestry, team member/developer

Open source based consulting work centered around dojo/tapestry/tacos/hivemind.

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