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Re:[atf-dev] Problem Opening Wizard

Ok, I think we figured out the problem. The build was done based on JRE 1.5 (our fault), and I'm guessing that you have your Eclipse installation pointed to a 1.4.2 JRE, which causes class incompatibilities with the 1.5 build. The quick fix is to point your Eclipse at a 1.5 JRE (from the command line it would be something like eclipse -clean -vm c:\tools\java\sun1.5\jre\bin\java.exe). Or you can wait for us to update the build on Eclipse which we are working on.

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Re:[atf-dev] Problem Opening Wizard

After your suggestions, I make a brand new eclipse installation with wtp and the latest atf in the atf download page, follow the install instructions step by step but the same problems occur just like the above.
my eclipse:
There's another problem: the ATF cofiguration in the Preferences has an error and the mozilla perspective can not be open.
Expecting help, thanks.

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