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Re: [atf-dev] ATFError: the selected wizard can not be started

My guess is that your installation went bad somewhere along the line. I just pulled down the latest ATF build from the Eclipse website, installed it, and was successful in creating a Dojo J2EE project. Try uninstalling the previous ATF plugins (i.e. delete all org.eclipse.atf.* plugins from your install location), grab the current ATF build on Eclipse and reinstall. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Don Sedota
ATF Developer

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05/17/2006 12:56 AM

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[atf-dev] ATFError: the selected wizard can not be started


I have installed the atf plugin and require tools,  

If I new -> "dojo a j2ee project", following error:
"the selected wizard can not be started",see "ATFerror" picture.
anyone can help me?
Thanks very much.

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