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[atf-dev] Welcome!

Welcome to the AJAX Toolkit Framework Listserv! This is one place to discuss
work on the AJAX Toolkit Framework (the other is the ATF newsgroup, see


At the time of this posting, we've just placed the ATF source code out on the
servers -- please see

for information on how to access the CVS source tree.

If you're interested in contributing to ATF -- and we hope you are -- it might be nice to start
things off by introducing yourself here. I'll start: I'm Craig Becker and I'm the ATF Project
Lead. Which is an easy gig when you work with people like Gino Bustelo, Donald Sedota,
Adam Peller, and Javier Pedemonte, the guys on the team here at IBM. They did a great job.

We're all hoping to hear from everyone with their impressions and thoughts on future directions
for ATF.


Craig Becker

IBM Master Inventor
SWG Emerging Internet Technologies, Austin, TX USA
Craig Becker/Austin/IBM
/1 ao on

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