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[aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.9.5 (Java13) released

AspectJ 1.9.5 is now available. It includes support for Java13. There is a small example using the new text blocks in the readme:

Perhaps the most important fix in here relates to applying multiple annotation style around advices on the same join point - if this has been failing for you since 1.9.3, please try 1.9.5. It regressed due to a fix to try and get the nesting of an around advice chain working reliably for annotation style advice - at the time I was concerned about the lack of tests and turns out I was right to be concerned!

I think it is in central now (I've certainly sent it up there) and it is on the regular download page:

I had one bug in from someone worrying about the references to the Java Unsafe in weaver jar. Please be aware that Unsafe is only used if you are on an older JDK (like 8). If you are on Java11, it will not be using Unsafe.


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