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Re: [aspectj-users] AspectJ third-party class is not weaved in weblogic

> First, it's not possible to upload code to git as full deployment is
> very complex.

That is incorrect. It **is** possible, it might just be somewhat
difficult because you need to extract a simplified MCVE reproducing your
problem from your code base. An MCVE is not your full application, by
the way - did you follow the link and read what MCVE means?

> I will try to play with classpath and see if it changes anything,

If you prefer to **play** (trial & error) instead of someone else to
help you **analyse** the situation, be my guest and do that. Just don't
ask on a mailing list then because if you need answers, the community
needs sufficient information first. No offense meant, I am just
explaining a basic fact.

> After additional weblogic log analyze, third party class loaded twice
> (from different jars locations) , the first time is loaded from
> weblogic's server/lib/consoleapp/APP-INF/lib, and it happens BEFORE
> aop.xml is loaded.
> Can it be the reason?

Absolutely. There is no way it could work if the weaving agent is loaded
after the classes it should weave because the weaving agent itself hooks
into the classloading mechanism and transforms the classes while they
are being loaded. I hope you can find out how to fix the classloading.

Good luck!
Alexander Kriegisch

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