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[aspectj-users] There is an AspectJ maven build configuration

It is alive. AspectJ, well overdue, now has as rudimentary maven build. It builds on the few systems I’ve tried it on although some of the tests seem to be a bit flaky on windows (I’ve not run the tests on windows for a long time so I don’t think it is due to the maven process, it just never used to be this easy to run them on a different OS). If anyone wants to help polish it, please do, I’m not a maven guru. There are some of the jar dependencies that need converting from local jar references to real dependencies from a repository but I haven’t had a chance to work out the exact version numbers.  You can ‘mvn install’ and it will build aspectjrt/aspectjweaver/aspectjtools and then you can consume them from your local repo (although the poms need a bit of work). There is an installer project that builds the installer distribution we also make available.  I’ve imported it into eclipse using m2e, I haven’t tried it with IntelliJ - I’d be interested to know if that works.

If nothing else this may make it easier for folks to consume snapshot builds that include workarounds or early fixes as they can more easily build/install it locally now.

If anyone wants to try it out, please do, raise bugs, contribute fixes :)

There are extra benefits I snuck in:
- I deleted the projects ending in ‘5’ (created when Java5 was separate to Java 1.4) and merged them into the non 5 variants.
- bcel-builder is no longer a ’special project’ you had to build separately. It is just a regular sub-module
- If you do want to run the tests in eclipse, I added a few lines explanation in the new README at

I guess the true test of this will be when I try to use it to release 1.9.3 but as it produces the same artifacts, I should be able to use the same release process there.


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