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Re: [aspectj-users] Compilation warnings in eclipse


I tried to go from:

 pointcut deprecated() :
        @annotation(Deprecated) &&
        (call(public * de.scrum_master..*(..)) || call(public de.scrum_master..new(..)));


pointcut deprecated():@annotation(Deprecated) && (call(public * *.*(..)) || call(* .new(..));

Since I am interested in all calls to public methods or constructors in my app ( since they can be accessed from any other application). No packages needed.



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Skickat: den 20 mars 2018 11:28
Till: aspectj-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
Ämne: Re: [aspectj-users] Compilation warnings in eclipse
The syntax is correct. Maybe the real problem is above or below the code you show here. The old JDK and AspectJ version should not be a problem unless there was a fixed bug in later versions I am unaware of. But in principle there is no problem whatsoever in using the latest version of AJDT for Eclipse and AspectJ with JDK 7, so I think you should upgrade both and see if the problem goes away. But before you do that maybe you want to share your full aspect file, maybe I can spot another problem.
Alexander Kriegisch

Mikael Petterson schrieb am 20.03.2018 17:00:
> Hi,
> The below line generates a build error in eclipse. We use jdk7 ( yeah I
> know it is old but we are working on stepping up) and aspectjrt 1.7.4 and
> aspectjtools with same version.
> Eclipse says:
> Multiple markers at this line
> - This method requires a body instead of a
> semicolon
> - pointcut cannot be resolved to a type
> on this line:
> pointcut beta():@annotation(com.google.common.annotations.Beta);
> Do I lack something in Eclipse?
> br,
> //mike

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