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[aspectj-users] Add my aspect to different projects


I have created an aspect that can be used to track calls to deprecated methods in your product. It is currently implemented in "our product" but I want to make a library out of it so we can use it for other products.

The aspect currently looks something like:

aspect DeprecatedMethodLogger {
    pointcut includeDeprecated():execution(public  * *.*(..)) && @annotation(Deprecated);
    pointcut excludeBeta():execution(public  * *.*(..)) && !@annotation(com.google.common.annotations.Beta);
    pointcut deprecatedMethods():  includeDeprecated() && excludeBeta();
    before() :deprecatedMethods()  {
        if (thisJoinPoint.getTarget() != null) {
            String targetClass = thisJoinPoint.getTarget().getClass().getName();
            List<StackTraceElement> stackTraceElements = Arrays.asList(Thread.currentThread().getStackTrace());
            StackTraceHelper stackTraceHelper = new StackTraceHelper(stackTraceElements);
            DeprecatedMethodData deprecatedMethodData = stackTraceHelper.extractData(targetClass);
 //There is also some additional connections to db and other tools here.


In stackTraceHelper there are a number of settings that can be done what is relevant in the trace when we try to find the calling class.

These settings I want to to publish so they can be set for each product using this library.

So question is if I in all products using it need to create another aspect that inherits this one and can set the relevant properties.

so my aspect above would have:

aspect DeprecatedMethodLogger implements DeprecatedMethodLoggerApi {


DeprecatedMethodLoggerApi contains setting that can be done.

Then in the products I create:

aspect MyDepreactedMethodLogger extends DeprecatedMethodLogger {


Or is there a better way? Suggestions welcome.