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[aspectj-users] AspectJ 1.6.12 released

I forgot to send this, but many of you have noticed. AspectJ 1.6.12 is
released and now available from the downloads page:

The readme is here:

Besides bug fixes and a bit of performance work this includes a couple
of new things (detailed in the readme):
- ability to use != when matching annotation values, e.g. get(@Foo(num!=4) * *)
- for Loadtime Weaving, the ability to wire a pointcut up to a java
method in aop.xml, circumventing the need to write/compile an abstract
aspect (and abstract pointcut).

It is already in AJDT.

It is in maven central.

Next release should hopefully be 1.7 - based on the Eclipse Java 7 compiler.

The AspectJ Team

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