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Re: [aspectj-users] (no subject)

Hi Ravi,
you can declare a pointcut around the creation of any ArrayList, returning MyArrayList as long as they are assign-compatible.

That means that as long as :

public class MyArrayList extends ArrayList { ...

you can write :

ArrayList around() : call(* {
 return new MyArrayList();

This will replace do the trick. You can narrow it down to some classes using within, withincode etc..

ArrayList around() : call(* && within(com.mycompany.*) {
  return new MyArrayList();

And you can add other advice to add parameters  :

ArrayList around(int size) : call(* && args(size) {
  return new MyArrayList(size);


In my Apache Magma Lab I use this kind of advice extensively to offer a simpler alternative to the factory pattern/dependency injection/context pollution.

Hope this helps,

Ravi Chandra wrote:

I am trying hard to get a solution to this problem since last 4 days.. but no luck; the issue is as below:

I have java classes of this form

public class UserAttributes implements Interceptable {
    private List<String>        alias;
private void someMethod(){
           *alias = new ArrayList(); // point 1*
           .... etc etc

Now the problem is :

When ever a variable is assigned to new ArrayList() i want it to be changed to new MyArrayList() instead

i.e..: the point 1 above changes to an eqvivalent of

*alias = new MYArrayList();*

I am able to get this done

aspect abc {
pointcut listCut(Interceptable m, IN in):target(m) && set(java.util.List+ *);
    after(Interceptable m, IN in):listCut(m,in){
          *UserAttributes.setAlias( new MyArrayList());*

*but the point cut is getting very class specific. *I have abt 1000 classes which have to be modified this way where ever the ArrayList is being used, now with this approach i need to write 1000 files; isnt there a generic way to do this?

Any pointers/ help ? please suggest.



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